What does KK mean in Vietnamese?

What does KKKK mean in Vietnamese?

Featured answer. It means “hahaha” = to laugh.

What is Kakaka?

The word Kakaka is used in Indonesian, Spanish meaning older brother or sister,laughs.

What does VK mean in Vietnamese?

vk means vợ (wife) ck means chồng (husband)

Why do Indonesian say Wkwkwk?

Indonesian people, usually young people, often use or type ‘wkwkwk’ as the substitution for laughing expressions in online media. … The word ‘wkwkwk’ basically has the same meaning as ‘laugh of loud (lol)’ overseas or ‘hahaha’.

What is Hihihi?

1. hi-hi (rire): hi-hi.

How do you laugh in Vietnamese?

哈哈哈 = hahaha. The standard, belly-clutching, hearty laugh. 呵呵 = hehe, pronounced with a softer ‘huh’ sound. This normally indicates the sound of politer, more restrained laughter.

What does Kaka mean in Portuguese?

From Dunga to Kaká to Pelé, nicknames abound among Brazil’s soccer stars. … dos Santos Leite amended the original spelling of his nickname, Cacá, to Kaká; the word ‘Cacá’ being an accent away from Brazilian slang for feces.

What does ZK mean UK slang?

ZK — Zero-Knowledge. ZK — Zeptokelvin. ZK — Barrage Balloon. ZK — Zener Knee.

What does E mean in Vietnamese?

Vietnamese words are short anyway, so the list of common abbreviations isn’t as extensive as other languages. ko = không. dc = được. a = anh. e = em.

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