What do you mean by Vietnam?

vē-ĕtnäm, -năm, vēĭt-, vyĕt- Vietnam is defined as a southeast Asian country on the South China Sea. An example of Vietnam is the country east of Cambodia. noun.

What do you mean Chinese version?

Chinese translation of ‘what do you mean?’

你什么(麼)意思? (nǐ shénme yìsi?)

What do you mean Veit?

German: from the name of St. Veit (Latin Vitus), patron saint against fire. In many cases this is an altered spelling of the variant Veith, written thus to preserve the German pronunciation of th as t.

Is Vietnam a free country?

Freedom in the World — Vietnam Country Report

Vietnam is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s annual study of political rights and civil liberties worldwide.

What do you mean Korean?

Based on the level of respect or formality, you can say “What do you mean?” in Korean in 3 ways: Informal: museun ddeut-iya? (무슨 뜻이아?), museun ddeut-ini? (무슨 뜻이니?) Formal: museun ddeut-iyeyo? (무슨 뜻이에요?), museun ddeut-ipnigga? (무슨 뜻입니까?)

What is the meaning of MA in Chinese?

Ma (simplified Chinese: 马; traditional Chinese: 馬; pinyin: Mǎ) is a Chinese family name. The surname literally means “horse”. … Hui Muslims, Salars, Bonan and Dongxiang people commonly adopted Ma as the translation for their surname Muhammad.

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What do you mean when you nod your head yes Chinese?

XoKo Yu. It is the same in China and Chinese culture we nod our heads (up-and-down) to say “Yes” and shake our heads (left-to-right) to say “No”. There are no other gestures to say “Yes” or “No”. However, to indicate you agree with someone or something, you can also say “en” while you are nodding you head.

What is the biggest problem in Vietnam?

According to the State of the Environment 2001 published by the government, the main environmental issues in Vietnam are land degradation, forest degradation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, air pollution and solid waste management.

How safe is Vietnam?

All in all, Vietnam is an extremely safe country to travel in. The police keep a pretty tight grip and there are rarely reports of muggings, robberies or sexual assaults. Scams and hassles do exist, particularly in Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang (and to a lesser degree in Hoi An).

What was Vietnam’s main religion?


Religious group % Population 2009 % Population 2019
Vietnamese folk religion, and non-religion/atheism 81.6% 86.32%
Buddhism 7.9% 4.79%
Christianity 7.5% 6.6% 0.9% 7.10% 6.10% 1.00%
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