What do you mean by an Indonesian Malay word Titik?

batik. believed to be related to the malay word “titik” which means point , dot, or drop. batik.

What is Titik in Indonesian-Malay word?

An indonesian-malay word, believed to be related to the Malay word titik which means “point”, “dot”, or “drop”. 1.

Is an Indonesian-Malay word which means?

It is an Indonesian-Malay term believed to be related to the Malay word which means “point“, “dot” or “drop”. A. Silk. B.

Is an Indonesian-Malay word believed to be related to Titik *?

The word batik is of Indonesian origin, and is related to a Malay word for dot or point, “titik” and the Javanese word “amba”, meaning ”to write”.

Is an Indonesian and malay word for theater?

Wayang is an Indonesian and Malay word for theater.

What is titik Indonesia?

The word titik is used in Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino meaning dot,writing.

What fabric is common to Indonesia Malaysia & Singapore which means point dot or drop?

The word batik is thought to be derived from the word ‘ambatik’ which translated means ‘a cloth with little dots’. The suffix ‘tik’ means little dot, drop, point or to make dots.

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