What are the 3 main categories of Philippine art forms?

Visual arts. Performing arts. Textile arts.

What are the 3 art forms?

The three fine arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture are sometimes also called the “major arts”, with “minor arts” referring to commercial or decorative art styles.

What are the 7 major Philippines art forms?

Colonial Period up to the present. arts. was introduced to the Philippines. 3 Filipinos studied abroad and influenced the art making on the country.

7 major art forms:

  • Visual arts.
  • Literature.
  • Music.
  • Theater.
  • Dance.
  • Architecture.
  • Film.

What are the basic art forms?

Traditional categories within the arts include literature (including poetry, drama, story, and so on), the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.), the graphic arts (painting, drawing, design, and other forms expressed on flat surfaces), the plastic arts (sculpture, modeling), the decorative arts (enamelwork, …

What is the best form of art?

Literature Remains The Highest Form Of Art.

What are the 7 Fine Arts?

However, today contemporary fine art is more than just painting and is defined by 7 fine art disciplines: painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, music, literature, and dance.

What are the Filipino art tendencies?

The Filipino popular psyche is exceptionally transparent in its openness, spontaneity, and capacity for empathy. … A marked tendency of Philippine art, whether traditional, modern or contemporary, is the penchant for filling up every empty space with form and detail. We call this maximalism.

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