Was the USS Hornet in Vietnam?

Originally named the USS Kearsarge, the USS Hornet was renamed to honor the previous ship Hornet, which had been sunk in October 1942. The ship conducted operations in the Pacific Theater of World War II, and went on to serve in the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

Are there 2 USS Hornet?

The late Paul Allen’s research team discovered the wreckage of World War II’s USS Hornet (CV-8), the aircraft carrier that launched the Doolittle Raid and participated in the Battle of Midway before being sunk in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands by Japanese dive bombers, torpedo planes and ship-launched torpedoes.

How did the USS Hornet sink?

The Hornet was sunk by Japanese forces in the Battle of Santa Cruz Island in October 1942. Japanese bombers and torpedo planes heavily damaged the ship, eventually causing its crew to abandon it. … Two Japanese destroyers eventually launched an additional torpedo attack, sinking the Hornet.

Are there any Yorktown Class carriers left?

Enterprise, the sole survivor of the class, was the most decorated ship of the U.S. Navy in the Second World War. After efforts to save her as a museum ship failed, she was scrapped in 1958.

Yorktown-class aircraft carrier.

Class overview
Succeeded by USS Wasp Essex class
In commission 30 September 1937 – 17 February 1947
Completed 3
Lost 2

Did the USS Yorktown sink?

The aircraft carrier USS Yorktown was sunk, and an entire squadron of 15 torpedo planes was shot down. Only one man, Ens. George Gay, survived the doomed attack of Torpedo Squadron 8. Several American pilots downed in the battle were picked up by the Japanese navy.

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Has a battleship ever sunk a carrier?

Technically no, as both the USS Gambier Bay – Wikipedia and HMS Glorious were sunk by lighter and faster ships than battleships, cruisers and battle cruisers respectively. But the artillery navy did score a couple aircraft carriers with heavy guns.

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