Quick Answer: What subjects are popular in Cambodia?

How many subjects are there in high school in Cambodia?

The Ministry of Education has determined that high school students participating in this year’s national exam will be tested on a total of eight subjects, down from ten last year. The ministry concluded that the examination will be divided into two parts: core subjects and social sciences.

Is Cambodia a good place to study?

Why Study in Cambodia? Studying in Cambodia gives a student the chance to study in a somewhat stable Asian country that is still largely agricultural in nature. This provides numerous opportunities to study the people and culture of a different part of the world, all while gaining an excellent education.

What is the best major in Cambodia?

Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Cambodia

  • Economics (24)
  • Management (24)
  • Accounting (22)
  • Education (22)
  • Business (22)
  • Law & Jurisprudence (21)
  • Tourism (20)

How many secondary schools are there in Cambodia?

Secondary education consisted of four years at a college (lower secondary school) and an additional three years at a lycée (higher secondary school).


Number of Primary Schools: 5,026
Compulsory Schooling: 6 years
Public Expenditure on Education: 2.9%
Educational Enrollment: Primary: 2,011,772
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