Quick Answer: What is kabupaten in Indonesia?

How many kabupaten are there?

Indonesia is divided into provinces (Indonesian: Provinsi).


Type (Indonesian) Kabupaten
Type (English) Regency
Head of government (Indonesian) Bupati
Head of government (English) Regent
Number 416

How many municipalities are there in Indonesia?

34 provinces and 508 local governments (regencies and cities) in 2015. Indonesia also counts over 83 000 villages (desa and kelurahan), which have gained some autonomy since the new 2014 Village Law.

What is a regent in Java?

with local native authorities, whom it termed “Regents,” simplifying. the disparate hierarchies of court officials and local chiefs into a. somewhat more orderly network of loosely-controlled headmen and. agents. Subsequent administrations and colonial theorists made a virtue.

Is a regency a city?

In uk|lang=en terms the difference between city and regency

is that city is (uk) a metonym for the united kingdom’s financial industries, which are principally based in the city of london while regency is (uk) the historical period in the united kingdom – specifically 1811-1820 – in which ruled as prince regent.

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