Question: Who was the first Thai KPOP Idol?

Nickhun was almost first Thai idol who got popular. Since his day 1 after the debut, he has been called Thai prince due to his elegant look and handsome face. His real name is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul.

Who was the first foreign K-pop idol?

In the 1930s and the 1950s, the earliest mainstream Korean idols consisted of vocal groups that sang and performed at the same time. One of the first girl groups was the Jeogori Sisters, who debuted around 1939, while one of the first boy groups to debut was the Arirang Boys. The first idols to go abroad were The Kim

GOT7 is the Most Popular Group in Thailand

GOT7’s popularity in Thailand is partly credited to their Thai member, Bambam. Often the idol is called the “Prince of Thailand” due to his popularity in the country, and the group has scored some CF deals in Thailand due to their fame.

Which K-pop idol is from Thailand?

Nichkhun from 2PM

When 2PM debuted in 2008, Nichkhun garnered enormous attention for being the first-ever Thai idol to join the South Korean entertainment industry.

Which K-pop group has the most fans in Thailand?

5 Most Popular K-Pop Groups In Thailand, According To Twitter

  1. GOT7.
  2. BTS. It’s no surprise that the pride of K-Pop, BTS, is second on the list. …
  4. EXO. EXO has been stealing the hearts of Thai EXO-Ls since their debut in 2012. …
  5. NCT 127. First on the list is NCT 127. …
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