Question: What is Indonesia police number?

Indonesia country code 62
Directory assistance 108
Police 110/112
Fire 113
Ambulance 118

How do you call the police in Indonesia?

Who to call and what to say in the event of an emergency in Indonesia…

Police – General Emergencies Tel: 110 / 112 (SMS 1717)
Ambulance and Rescue Tel: 118
Fire Tel: 113
Medical Emergencies Tel: 119
Tourist Police (Bali) Tel: (0361) 754 599 / (0361) 224 111

Is there a 911 in Indonesia?

The new MAIN EMERGENCY NUMBER is 112. … Balinese are always ready to help so if you are in an emergency don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! If you need to call abroad from Indonesia you need to use one of the following prefixes: 001 / 007 / 009 / 017 or 0107.

Is 911 the same in every country?

If you’re in an emergency situation abroad, you’ll need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, or even the fire department. Not every county uses “911” as its emergency contact number, as we do in the United States. … Write down—or save in your cell phone—the number used at your destination.

Why do they call it 911?

In 1968, AT&T announced that it would establish the digits 9-1-1 (nine-one-one) as the emergency code throughout the United States. The code 9-1-1 was chosen because it best fit the needs of all parties involved.

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Can you call 999 from America?

Originally Answered: Does 999 work in the USA? Assuming you are referring to police, fire and medical emergency numbers (999 is used in the UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Myanmar), then no. The relevant number in the United States and Canada is 911.

What happens if you call 911 in Singapore?

What happens if you call 911 in Singapore? Understanding that many people are used to calling 911 in an emergency, all 911 calls using an international phone will be automatically routed to 999 in Singapore.

What happens if you call 911 in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the numbers 999 and 112 both connect to the same service, and there is no priority or charge for either of them. Callers dialling 911, the USA’s emergency number, may be transferred to the 999 call system if the call is made within the United Kingdom from a mobile phone.

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