Is June rainy season in Singapore?

Singapore Weather in June: June is the start of the Southwest Monsoon Season, a time when you’ll experience showers and thunderstorms frequently between pre-dawn and midday, although thunderstorms typically last for less than half an hour.

Does it usually rain in June Singapore?

Singapore’s total amount of rain for June has varied over the years from 15 inches (379 mm) to less than an inch (22 mm). Usually the day’s heaviest rainfall this time of year occurs around 2 pm.

Why is it raining in June 2020 in Singapore?

This was due to the convergence of winds over the region under the indirect influence of Tropical Storm “Nuri” as it intensified over the South China Sea. The daily total rainfall of 84.0mm recorded at Jurong West that day was the highest daily total for the first half of June 2020.

Is June rainy season?

June is the beginning of the monsoon season in India. Monsoon season doesn’t mean it rains nonstop or even every day, but rain often comes on suddenly and it can last for hours, although it is sometimes brief. Although it’s monsoon season, most places receive less than 10 days of rain during June.

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What occurs in Singapore during June?

Start of the southwest monsoon season: Quite similar to the peak season phenomenon, Singapore does experience heat, humidity, rain and thunder during June, but the amount is quite average in terms of the rest of the season.

Why is it always raining in Singapore?

This is partly due to the intense moisture-laden winds blowing from the tropical Indian Ocean and Java Sea toward Southeast Asia. As per the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) report, June was the wettest, and September the second wettest in the last 10 years.

Why is June so Rainy?

June is traditionally the time of year when the rainy season really kicks in. Our prevailing wind flow is from the east or southeast and that keeps the moisture in place. Then, with a sea breeze front, we get more thunderstorms to develop. This pattern historically accounts for most of our rain during June.

Does it rain everyday in Singapore?

What to Do When It Rains in Singapore. Singapore averages 167 rainy days per year—that’s nearly one out of two days a year with a bit of rain.

Where is the weather best in June?

But if you’re after some sunshine further afield, we’ve got a countdown of the warmest destinations to visit in June.

  1. Cancun. Average June temperature: 36 °C.
  2. Kos. Average June temperature: 32.1 °C. …
  3. Phuket. Average June temperature: 31.7 °C. …
  4. Athens. Average June temperature: 30.4 °C. …
  5. Madrid. …
  6. Milan. …
  7. Benidorm. …
  8. Rome. …

Where does it not rain in June in India?

Monsoon begins in Kerala in June while Tamil Nadu and the east coast get less rain.

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