Is it cheaper to buy Singapore Zoo tickets online?

Online prices Regular (Mondays to Fridays) Peak (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
Child (Ages 3 to 12) S$ 25.20 after 10% off S$ 26.60 after 5% off

What is the best time to visit Singapore Zoo?

The best time to visit Singapore Zoo is when it opens, especially at weekends when it gets BUSY! The Singapore Zoo opening hours start at 8.30am but the crowds don’t usually start to appear en masse until late morning.

Is Night Safari and Singapore Zoo same?

Re: Singapore Zoo & Night Safari – is this the same ZOO? Hi Rahul D, No, they are 2 separate attractions although they are located adjacent to each other. The Night Safari showcases nocturnal animals.

Is Singapore Zoo Night Safari worth it?

Yes it is popular, and for good reason. Best avoid weekends and School holidays. Most of the animals in the Night Safari are those that are most active at night, and its best to see them when its feeding time.

How long does it take to walk around Singapore Zoo?

4 hours is the minimum required to cover just the zoo in a leisurely manner. Even then, many split the zoo/river safari and night safari over two days.

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What is the best time to visit the zoo?

The mornings and afternoons are the best times to visit the animals. The good news is that no matter the time of day, you will likely find many animals visible and active in their exhibits.

Is Night Safari tram ride free?

Join the nocturnal family! Become a Friends of Night Safari member to enjoy one-year unlimited admission, complimentary tram rides and other exclusive privileges. You’ll enjoy a wide range of discounts on F&B, retail, tours and more!

What should I wear to Night Safari Singapore?

As you visit the Night Safari, you should generally be wearing long pants and light tops. Apply insect repellent if you feel like you attract bugs.

How long does Singapore Night Safari take?

Night Safari is open every day from 27 May – 24 June 2021, operating hours are from 6.30pm to 12am. How long does it take to complete a visit in the park? Our guests spend on average 3 to 4 hours touring the park.

Which is better river safari or Night Safari?

As you are going for the zoo and bird park, River Safari is a better option in comparison with Night Safari. over a year ago. As you are going to the zoo, River Safari is a better option in comparison to Night Safari. … I have only been to Night Safari but that is what the Singapore Zoo is famous for.

Can I bring food into Night Safari?

Can I bring food into the park? Yes, while food options are available at our restaurants, we do understand that some guests may need to bring their own food into the park for various reasons.

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