Is grab or Gojek bigger in Indonesia?

Indonesia is by far the biggest market in the region, and Grab and Gojek are still fighting to dominate it, though Gojek has a slight lead. Grab is ahead in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines — all smaller markets unlikely to offer the scale that would excite investors.

Which is bigger Gojek or Grab?

To put the values of the companies in context, Gojek is currently valued at about US$10.5 billion, while Tokopedia is valued at around US$7.5 billion. On the other hand, Grab’s last known valuation was around US$14 billion, hence a combined Gojek-Tokopedia entity would potentially have a higher valuation than Grab.

How many Grab drivers in Indonesia?

Ride-sharing provider Grab had approximately 2.8 million active drivers as of 2019, followed by Indonesian company Go-Jek with about one million. Indian-based Ola Cabs had around one million active drivers as well.

What is the difference between Gojek and Grab?

While Grab has food and goods delivery options currently, Go-Jek has lifestyle services like beauty, massage, housekeeping and courier in Indonesia that it intends to bring into Singapore and the other countries it is entering.

Does Grab own Gojek?

Over the past few years, Grab and other ride-hailing players like Gojek Vietnam, owned by the Indonesian unicorn Gojek, have burned millions of dollars in investor cash trying to attract price-sensitive Vietnamese customers and capture as much market share as possible.

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Is Grab buying Gojek?

Bloomberg reported that Grab and Gojek are closing in on the terms for a merger. A day later, Grab’s chief executive Anthony Tan tells staff in an internal note that the company is in a position to make acquisitions and is financially strong despite the tough year.

How many users does Gojek have?

As of November 2019, there were just over 29 million monthly active users of Gojek in Indonesia. Comparatively, the Indonesian, ride sharing company had just under one million monthly active users in Singapore as of November 2019.

Characteristic Number of users in millions

How much do Gojek drivers earn?

With just a 5-hour commitment per day, you can earn an average of $750 a week, or more than $3,000 in a month! BONUS: Earn $400 MORE if you complete just 100 trips in a month! Give us a try and drive!

Is there grab in Indonesia?

A couple of months ago, Grab announced its expansion to 100 cities in Indonesia, making it the dominant player in the country. Meanwhile, Go-Jek and Uber can be accessed in only 50 cities and 34 Indonesian cities, respectively.

How many grab drivers in Singapore?

There are now about 40,000 active drivers, comprising 15,000 cabbies and 25,000 private-hire drivers.

Grab has a 45 percent market size in Indonesia to rank third after Shopee (76 percent) and digital marketplace Tokopedia (61 percent). … For example, while 61 percent of respondents use Tokopedia, the local ecommerce giant’s performance was only rated average when it comes to consumer satisfaction.

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