Is Camiguin Island is the most beautiful island in the Philippines?

“Island Born of Fire” is a perfect title for one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines — Camiguin Island. The remnants of its volcanic eruptions shaped it into the beauty that it is today.

What is Camiguin Island known for?

CAMIGUIN ISLAND is known to the island “Born of Fire”. It has seven volcanoes and several volcanic domes. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island which is full of natural wonders and historical riches. … The island is also listed as among the Top 10 dive spots worldwide.

Is there a direct flight from Manila to Camiguin?

Direct flight – SkyJet Airlines flies direct from Manila to Camiguin Island for only 80 minutes.

Is Camiguin island safe?

Camiguin is a peaceful island, year-round with respect to crime related activities. It can almost be said that it has a zero-crime rate. Police visibility is one of the factors which maintain the peace and order situation in the province.

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