Is Anna and the king banned in Thailand?

Just as the 1956 musical “The King and I” was outlawed in Thailand as slandering the revered royal family, so too has the government banned the recently released “Anna and the King” from 20th Century Fox. “You cannot make a film that insults the monarchy,” says Film Censorship Board member Patamavadee Charuworn.

Why is Anna and the King banned in Thailand?

That film is banned in Thailand because its depiction of King Mongkut – the current king’s great-great grandfather – is deemed disrespectful and false.

Was Anna and the King filmed in Thailand?

A year ago the authorities prevented Anna and the King from being shot in Thailand. After a rewrite and an unsuccessful appeal, 20th Century Fox was forced to relocate the film to Malaysia. It is the second time that Hollywood has trodden on Thai sensitivities in less than 12 months.

Why does the king die in The King and I?

When the King has finally lost his self-confidence, largely through Anna’s doing, he has lost his kwan and therefore he dies.

Does Anna fall in love with King?

Anna and the King gives a far more balanced portrait of the relationship. While Chow’s King does fall in love with the liberated Englishwoman, he is never “guided” by her in political matters and is already a complete master of international politics.

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Why is King Mongkut important?

Mongkut, also called Phrachomklao, posthumous name Rama IV, (born Oct. 18, 1804, Bangkok—died Oct. 15, 1868, Bangkok), king of Siam (1851–68) who opened his country to Western influence and initiated reforms and modern development. … To hold aloof from politics, Mongkut chose to become a Buddhist monk.

Is Anna and the King OK for kids?

Parents need to know that there is some very intense violence, including battle scenes, bloody beatings, and non-graphic but very tense beheadings. Dead bodies hang from a tree and soldiers are poisoned. There is a very sad death of a child.

Why is Anna in Siam?

In 1862, Anna Owens arrives in Bangkok, with her son Louis, to tutor the children of the King. She believes she is sufficiently acquainted with Asian customs to know what is proper in Siam, having read a book summarizing the same.

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