Is Amazon big in Singapore?

Singapore is a small, but wealthy, market (~5M people) and is quite thin in product selection compared to Lazada (now owned by Alibaba) and Shopee. customers tend to be foreign expats and/or those who value prime shipping which is still unmatched by the local platforms.

Lazada remains the most popular e-commerce platform in Singapore, but Amazon is catching up quickly. In just three months, Amazon became the fourth most visited consumer e-commerce website in the city-state. Singapore’s e-commerce rankings in the fourth quarter of 2019, as determined by iPrice.

Originally Answered: Why isn’t there Amazon in Singapore? Basically, the market in Singapore is too small for consideration. With a mere population of 5+ million, the potential sales margin does not warrant the effort to open a branch in SG. There are many other wealthy countries with huge population to choose from.

Is Amazon available in SG?

Amazon International Store allows Singapore customers to use to access products from Amazon’s overseas online stores, such as The products will ship from the source country, e.g. the United States.

Is lazada part of Amazon?

Lazada was founded about 17 years later than the Amazon. It was founded in 2011 in Singapore by the company Rocket Internet. Its basic purpose was to be the biggest e-commerce store of Southeast Asia and to replace Amazon in the region.

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Does Amazon ship to Singapore for free?

All customers in Singapore enjoy free delivery on eligible orders over S$40 within 2-3 days. Customers who sign up for Prime receive free one-day delivery on local selection with no minimum spend, and free international shipping on eligible orders over S$60 for Amazon International Store products.

Where is Amazon SG located?

SINGAPORE — Online retail giant Amazon has officially launched its services in Singapore. The Seattle-based company on Thursday (July 27) inaugurated its largest global Amazon Prime Now facility at Mapletree Logistics Hub, at Toh Guan Road, and announced details of its delivery services in the Republic.

What is the difference between Amazon and Amazon SG?

The difference between and the Prime Now app. … All customers can access, regardless of whether or not they are a Prime member, and shop on desktop and mobile. Prime Now is a shopping service exclusive to Prime members and available only on mobile app.

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