How much rice is produced in Indonesia per year?

Characteristic Production of paddy in million tons

How much rice is produced per year?

In crop year 2008/2009, the milled rice production volume amounted to approximately 448.2 million tons worldwide.

World production volume of milled rice from 2008/2009 to 2020/2021 (in million metric tons)

Characteristic Production in million metric tons
2019/2020 497.69
2018/2019 497.34
2017/2018 494.9
2016/2017 486.2

How much rice does Indonesia consume?

In 2020, the rice consumption per capita in Indonesia was forecasted to be around 134.4 kilograms. This was forecasted to decrease slightly to 131.5 kilograms per capita in 2029. Rice is the staple food for many Indonesians.

How many rice farmers are there in Indonesia?

Rice environments

Rice is grown by approximately 77% of all farmers in the country (25.9 million) under predominantly subsistence conditions. The average farm size is less than 1 ha, with the majority of the farmers cultivating landholdings of 0.1–0.5 ha.

What is Indonesia paddy rice yield?

In 2019, paddy rice yield for Indonesia was 51,137 hg per ha. Paddy rice yield of Indonesia increased from 23,763 hg per ha in 1970 to 51,137 hg per ha in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 1.61%. … Rice grain after threshing and winnowing. Also known as rice in the husk and rough rice.

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Does rice grow in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading rice producers, with paddy production in 2003 of more than 50 million tonnes and a cultivated area of more than 11.5 million ha. … Rice is grown at varying altitudes, with about 75 per cent of plantings in irrigated areas and less than 10 percent on rainfed lowlands.

Does Indonesia import rice?

Indonesia fulfills the largest share of its rice demand domestically, but still imports rice to complement domestic production. In 2019, Indonesia produced 33.5 million tonnes of milled rice and imported 444,508 tonnes of rice, which means that almost all of Indonesia’s rice is produced domestically (BPS, 2018).

What kind of rice is used in Indonesia?

Indonesians typically eat steamed long-grain rice with their meals (sticky rice is usually used for desserts or sweet snacks). Indonesian rice isn’t exported, but jasmine or other long-grain rice may be substituted. From Padang, Indonesia, comes a recipe for making perfect steamed rice.

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