How much plastic is recycled in Singapore?

In Singapore, about 900 million kg of plastic waste is discarded every year. Just 4% of this is recycled.

How many percent of plastic waste in Singapore is being recycled?

2020 Recycling Rates for Major Waste Streams

Waste Type Total Generated (‘000 tonnes) Recycling Rate
Plastics 868 4%
Construction & Demolition 825 99%
Food 665 19%
Horticultural 313 80%

What percentage of plastic is recycled?

While overall the amount of recycled plastics is relatively small—three million tons for a 8.7 percent recycling rate in 2018—the recycling of some specific types of plastic containers is more significant.

Are plastics recycled in Singapore?

2016. In 2020, out of 868 thousand tonnes of plastic waste generated in Singapore, only 4% (36 thousand tonnes) are recycled. … Very often, plastics that reaches the bin are already contaminated, either by food and drink residues, or are made up of a mixture of different kinds of plastics.

Why is plastic a problem?

Get Plastic Out of Your Life

Because plastics and their ingredients are pervading our oceans and waterways, invading the bodies of humans and wildlife, and filling landfills (with new and once recycled plastic) the Ecology Center recommends eliminating plastics from your life, as much as possible.

Where does plastic waste go in Singapore?

According to latest United Nations trade data, Singapore in 2016 exported almost 42,000 tonnes of plastic waste to China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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