How much does it cost to dye hair in Singapore?

Service Average Cost
Full Highlights (Short Hair) $120 – $200
Full Highlights (Long Hair) $150 – $300
Hair Colouring (Short to Long) $100 – $300
Additional Colour $30 – $60

How much does hair coloring cost at a salon?

The average, mid-range salon in the U.S. charges $50-$70 for a single process hair color.

Average Hair Highlights Cost.

Color Service Price
Salon single process color $50 – $100+
Salon double process color $100 – $200+
Salon ombre, sombre, balayage $125+
Salon color correction $100/hr

How much is salon in Singapore?

Top 10 Hair Salons in Singapore – How Much Do They Cost?

Hair salon in Singapore Haircut price (women) Haircut price (men)
Apgujeong Hair Salon $20 onwards $15
Kimage $40 (or $20 for junior stylist) $40
Shunji Matsuo $43 onwards $38 onwards
Next Hair Salon $45 (Holland Village) $45 (Holland Village)

Is it better to dye your hair at a salon?

As a general rule if you’re looking to go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour then you should go to a salon. There’s no such thing as damage or risk free colour so either way there’s no guarantee that your hair will come out unscathed.

Why is dying hair so expensive?

Why is it so expensive to dye your hair at a salon? – Quora. There are several reasons why. The number one reason: you are paying for a professionally done service, by someone trained to do a specific job. Just like you pay an accountant more to do your taxes, you pay a professional colorist/stylist to dye your hair.

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Is hair coloring safe?

The FDA bans the use of hair dyes for eyelash and eyebrow tinting or dyeing even in beauty salons. An allergic reaction to dye could cause swelling or increase risk of infection around or in your eyes. This can harm your eyes and even cause blindness.

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