How many hydropower dams are in Laos?

There are sixteen hydro power projects in Laos that use dams to store or divert water for electricity generation.

What are the unintended consequences of building hydroelectric dams along the Mekong River?

These dams have disrupted the hydrology of the Mekong River and its tributaries. Unseasonal changes to water levels, flow rates, and turbidity are having ecologically negative synergistic effects, not only on areas immediately nearby these hydropower projects, but also on places many km away in neighboring countries.

Why isn’t hydropower used more?

Hydropower fell out of favor in the ’90s because of the harm it can cause to communities and ecosystems. However, a recent push from the World Bank for more hydro projects worldwide, especially in developing countries, could lead to a resurgence of hydropower plants, the Washington Post reports.

What are the 3 largest dams in the world?

List of largest dams

Rank Name Installed capacity [MW]
1 Tarbela Dam 4,888
2 Fort Peck Dam 185
3 Atatürk Dam 2,400
4 Houtribdijk
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