How many hours is Myanmar from Korea?

The total flight duration from Seoul, South Korea to Yangon, Myanmar is 5 hours, 13 minutes.

How long does it take from Myanmar to Korea?

Yes, the driving distance between Myanmar to South Korea is 5441 km. It takes approximately 2 days 11h to drive from Myanmar to South Korea.

How far is Myanmar from Korea?

The total straight line distance between Myanmar and South Korea is 3798 KM (kilometers) and 108.05 meters. The miles based distance from Myanmar to South Korea is 2360 miles.

What is different between them Myanmar and South Korea time?

Myanmar is 2:30 hours behind South Korea.

To schedule a conference call or plan a meeting at the best time for both parties, you should try between 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM your time in South Korea. That will end up being between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM in Myanmar.

How do I get to Myanmar from Thailand?

The best way to get from Myanmar to Thailand is to fly which takes 2h 32m and costs $95 – $220. Alternatively, you can bus via Rangsit, which costs $30 – $60 and takes 18h 47m.

How long is the flight from Yangon to Korea?

Flight time from Yangon to Seoul is 5 hours 15 minutes.

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