How many canals are there in Singapore?

Stormwater runoff is managed by a dense network of open and subsurface storm drains. Currently, Singapore has 17 reservoirs and more than 8000 km of concretized rivers, canals, and drains (Fig.

How many rivers are there in Singapore?

5 Rivers In Singapore. The country of Singapore is known for its skyscrapers with magnificent architecture and various tourist attractions.

How many drainage basins does Singapore have?

There are over 40 small yet separate drainage basins in Singapore, 75% of which having areas of less than 13 km2 (Wong, 1968). The largest is the Sungei Kranji (in its natural condition) and other important basins include Kallang, Sungei Seletar, Sungei Jurong, Sungei Rochore, Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Geylang.

What is the capital of Singapore?


Republic of Singapore show 3 other official names
Anthem: Majulah Singapura (English: “Onward Singapore”) Menu 0:00
Capital Singapore 1°17′N 103°50′ECoordinates: 1°17′N 103°50′E
Official languages English Malay Mandarin Tamil
National language Malay

Can we drink water from tap in Singapore?

A Tap water in Singapore is perfectly safe to drink. The quality of our tap water is well within World Health Organisation guidelines for drinking water quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standards.

What are the 3 oldest reservoirs in Singapore?

Escape to the Reservoirs!

  1. #1 MacRitchie Reservoir. This beauty is the oldest and biggest reservoir in Singapore (completed in 1868), sitting smack dab in the middle of the country. …
  2. #2 Bedok Reservoir. …
  3. #3 Lower Peirce Reservoir. …
  4. #4 Lower Seletar Reservoir. …
  5. #5 The Marina Barrage.
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