How long does Taobao take to ship to Singapore?

Shipping option Type of freight How long it takes to ship from warehouse
Taobao Global Direct Shipping Air Within 5 days
Taobao forwarder (DEX, Prouter, ZTO, 4PX) Air Within 5 days
3rd party agent (EZbuy, SGShop, Peeka, Oops) Air 7 to 10 days
Sea 2 to 3 weeks

Does Taobao ship to Singapore 2020?

Method of shipping: the shop or seller will consolidate your purchases and ship it to you via air freight, unfortunately, Taobao’s delivery provider doesn’t provide direct shipping to Singapore for this option.

How long does Taobao shipping take to us?

Items usually take 3 weeks or more to enter the country. Then another week or more to clear your local customs. You will then have to wait a few days for your local postal service to deliver it to your doorstep. So, 3-5 weeks is a conservative estimate.

Is Taobao or ezBuy cheaper?

ezBuy Prime vs Taobao: Total cost

With shipping also included from both sides, Taobao is actually cheaper by ~$17.80. Plus, Taobao includes free doorstep delivery by default, while ezbuy Prime only has free self-collection (doorstep delivery is chargeable).

How do I ship from Taobao to Singapore?

All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, and then immediately sent to you directly as individual packages. You’ll pay for the shipping fee together with the item. You have to negotiate with the seller directly for them to ship directly to Singapore.

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Is Taobao really cheap?

Short answer: yes. It’s slightly cheaper when you pay for Taobao items in Chinese Yuan (CNY) with your YouTrip card. However, most Taobao mobile apps will automatically charge in your home currency, according to your mobile number.

Does Taobao have fast shipping?

Whether you opt for direct shipping or consolidated forwarding, as long as you shop directly on Taobao, shipping should be pretty fast. Taobao has a 5-day delivery guarantee from the warehouse to Singapore. If lead time exceeds 5 days, you can get 50% of the international shipping fee refunded.

Why is Taobao so cheap?

Taobao sellers can get cheap products from factories directly and sell on taobao with affordable prices. the competition also makes the sellers set the price low low again. Their selling principle is making small profits and sell more. Sometimes the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Can you ship food from Taobao to Singapore?

Prohibited Items: Include dry or wet food products, like frozen fresh meats and bamboo products etc. *However: Dry food products like tea, coffee, snacks, instant noodles and all meats (even those in self-heating rice) can be shipped in through 3PF. … *However: These are allowed via sea freight.

Does Taobao have an English version?

Taobao. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s the Chinese online shopping platform full of everything you could possibly need and more, and all at very decent prices. Our only gripe as English speakers is that the site doesn’t have an English version (at least not yet).

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How does Taobao calculate shipping?

the shipping fee

  1. Multiply the dimensions together to get 20000.
  2. Divide by 6000 to get 3.33, which rounds up to 3.5.
  3. That means the volumetric weight for this parcel is 3.5kg. Because the actual weight is 2.5kg, you will be charged for 3.5kg on this parcel because it is the greater of the two (volumetric weight vs.

Why is Taobao so successful?

Another significant factor of why Taobao was so successful in China was because they introduced their unique payment method, which is called Alipay. In that period, because bank payments and cash were so inconvenient, they set an app which people could store money in and use it with just having a phone.

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