How long does EMS take to deliver to Philippines?

Does EMS ship to Philippines?

EMS is delivered to the following destinations.


Bacoor 4102
Manila City 0900 – 0928, 0930, 0940, 0970, 0980, 0950, 0960, 1000 – 1018
Marikina City 1800 – 1811, 1820
Muntinlupa City 1770 – 1777, 1780 – 1781, 1799
Navotas 1409, 1411 – 1413, 1485, 1489 – 1490

How many days does EMS shipping take?

The average package shipped by EMS: Arrives in major destinations within about 7 days.

How long does EMS shipping take from China to Philippines?

Normally, packages sent through EMS should only take around 5-10 days. And if you can see that the item is at the Customs, wait atleast a week more for your package. If it doesn’t arrive, then something might have come up.

How long does it take a package to ship to the Philippines?

Delivery Times to the Philippines

If cost is a concern, you can ship to the Philippines with an economy courier service; this will deliver your package within 5-8 days.

How much does EMS shipping cost?

Most EMS parcels are delivered worldwide in about 3 to 7 days.

EMS shipping rates.

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1501 – 2000 grams 46 U.S. dollars
2001 to 2500 grams 54.00 U.S. dollars
2501 to 3000 grams 62.00 U.S. dollars
3001 to 3500 grams 70.00 U.S. dollars

How can I track EMS Philippines?

How to track EMS sent to Philippines? Use your EMS tracking number, click to “via destination country EMS site” link to select Philippines. Then use the link to track shipments.

Is EMS fast shipping?

EMS (Express Mail Service) is one of the largest integrated express and logistics service providers, based on a cooperative network with more than 170 national postal services, it often offer a faster but also better tracking information from the origin post to the final delivery for a reasonable price to compare to …

How do I check my EMS status?

Guide On How To Track Your Package From EMS

  1. Enter the Tracking number. Enter your EMS tracking number at the top of this website.
  2. Click the tracking button on the same page. After the tracking number press the button: Track EMS Shipment.
  3. Track your EMS package.

Which is faster EMS or DHL?

Generally, DHL delivers faster compare to EMS. I receive my package the next day if the sender sends it using DHL. On the other hand, EMS takes around 1 week, sometimes more than that. DHL also updates every single checkpoint (i.e. package picked up, arrived local airport, etc) promptly.

How long does a package arrive from China to Philippines?

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Air to the Philippines?

Country of Origin Airport of Origin Transit Time
China Beijing 7 Days
China Beijing 7 Days
China Shanghai 7 Days
China Dalian 7 Days
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How long does customs clearance take in Philippines?

Between filing the paperwork, perfecting the packaging, cross-border delivery, Customs clearance, and local delivery within Philippines it may take anywhere between 3 weeks to 4 months (or more!) to get a parcel delivered to your recipient.

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