How common are snakes in Thailand?

Snakes in Thailand are common – but, not commonly seen. You probably won’t see more than 1-2 per year. They almost definitely will not bite you if you do see them. Even if one bites you – it probably won’t be deadly.

Is it common to see snakes in Thailand?

With some 230 different species of snake recorded in Thailand, it’s fair to say that snakes are a fairly common occurrence. For the uninitiated, it can often be a shock to cross paths with snakes so frequently.

Does Thailand have lots of snakes?

Thailand has an abundance of venomous snakes. Among the neurotoxic family Elapidae, there are three species of the genus Naja (cobras), three of the genus Bungarus (kraits), and the king cobra of the genus Ophiophagus. Other Elapidae snakes in Thailand include sea snakes and Asian coral snakes of the genus Calliophis.

Are snakes bad in Thailand?

Snakes. In Thailand, these are always scary and often dangerous. If there is grass or undergrowth, there is a chance there are snakes, even in city parks or hotel gardens. The good news is most will run (or slither) away if they see you coming.

Are there alot of snakes in Bangkok?

Thailand is home to over 200 species of snakes. In Bangkok, most sightings feature cobras, the green pit viper, pythons, sunbeam snakes, golden tree snakes, red-tailed pipe snakes and the copperhead racer. Most of these are non-venomous.

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Do Thailand eat snakes?

Snakes are generally eaten in Southeast Asian countries i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Phillipines, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. and even in India in states like Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Are there anacondas in Thailand?

There are no anacondas in the country of Thailand.

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