How can I import orchid from Thailand to India?

How can I import plants from Thailand to India?

All the imports of plants and plant materials as specified in Schedule-V, Schedule-VI and Schedule-VII as accompanied baggage/ courier or post parcel/ air cargo/ sea cargo also require import permit and Phytosanitary certificate (for plant materials covered under Schedule-VII no import permit is needed) and such …

How do I import live plants from Thailand?

Step 1: Check all import requirements

  1. know the scientific name of the plant, often referred to as the botanical name (genus and species)
  2. know the form of plant material you are importing.
  3. arrange on-arrival treatment and post-entry quarantine if required. …
  4. apply for an import permit.

How do you import orchids?

The import of orchids for personal use does not require an import permit. However, you will need to first obtain an inspection and phytosanitary certificate from an official with the national plant health authority in the plant’s country of origin.

What is good to import from Thailand?

Major imports by India from Thailand are in the following sectors: Motor cars, parts and accessories, Parts of aircraft and accessories thereof, Machinery and parts thereof, , Radio-broadcast receivers, television receiver and parts, Iron and steel and their products, Polymers of ethylene, propylene, etc.

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Can we take plant seeds from USA to India?

It is not legal to carry seeds for agriculture/horticulture/ forestry or any growing purposes in to any country. Seeds may further be infested with invasive pests and weed-seeds that may spread in the new country and cause a concern.

How long do imported plants need to acclimate?

First, place all new plants in a spot of moderate temperatures (65-75) in good light (but out of hot, noon day sun) for a day or two until they adjust from shipping. Next, move plants to their permanent location and allow them to acclimate to their new home for about a week.

How do I get a phytosanitary certificate?

Apply online through the USDA Phytosanitary Certification Issuance and Tracking system (PCIT) Make sure you have all pertinent information regarding your shipment.

Where are orchids imported from?

1.4 Orchid Export from Taiwan

Rank Country Rank
1 Japan 1
2 Singapore 2
3 United States 3
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