How can a foreigner open a bank account in Indonesia?

Generally, foreign banks have requirements to open a personal bank account. They include a reference letter from an employer or sponsor, copies of your passport and temporary stay permit (KIMS, KITAS card), or permanent resident license (KITAP). For checking accounts, it may require other documents.

How can I get bank account in Indonesia?

Requirements for Opening a Bank Account in Indonesia

  1. Foreigners must show a passport and KIMS/ITAS (Temporary Residence Permit/Temporary Visiting Permit)
  2. Passport.
  3. A letter from employer stating you are employed by your company.
  4. Minimum initial deposit of IDR 500,000.

How can I open a bank account in Indonesia online?

What documents do I need to open a bank account in Indonesia?

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A temporary resident permit (KITAS) – for example, a work permit KITAS, a KITAS sponsored by an Indonesian spouse, a retirement or dependent KITAS.
  3. Proof of address in Indonesia.
  4. A residency contact.
  5. A domicile letter.

How can a foreigner open a bank account?

You’ll Need an ID

Foreign or not, applicants for a bank account must at least verify their name, date of birth, and physical address, say, from a utility bill. But if you’re foreign-born, you may need to offer more. These customers also need to show photo identification that includes a numeric identity.

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How do I open a bank account in Bali?

Most of the banks require foreign applicant having a temporary stay permit (KITAS) for opening bank accounts. Processing KITAS in Bali may take up to 6 months from submission. This is also why many foreigners choose to skip the step and continue using their foreign accounts.

Can a non resident open a bank account in Indonesia?

Is that possible? There are foreigners who stay in Indonesia for a short period or temporarily but need to open a personal bank account as they have to do some banking transactions. However, it is almost impossible to open a bank account in Indonesia without a residence permit.

Which bank are they using in Indonesia?

Some popular bank options include Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Central Asia (BCA), Panin Bank, and Bank Danamon Indonesia.

What is the best bank in Indonesia?

Bank DBS Indonesia was named the Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 in Indonesia by the world’s leading financial magazine, Global Finance.

How do you get Kitas in Indonesia?

How to Apply for KITAS Online? To apply for a KITAS online, you have to visit this website, which is the official website of the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration. Select the option “Temporary Stay Permit” and follow the instructions thereafter. You will need your VITAS Authorization Number.

Can Indonesian Open bank account in Malaysia?

Yes, it is possible to open a bank account in Malaysia as a non-resident. You just need to provide the necessary paperwork, which as you see, does not require proof of address in Malaysia. If you choose a foreign bank, you can even start the process from abroad.

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What countries allow noncitizens to open bank accounts?

5 Best Countries to Open Offshore Bank Accounts

  • 5 Best Countries to Open Offshore Bank Accounts. …
  • Cayman Islands. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Singapore. …
  • Germany. …
  • Belize.

Which bank allows online account opening?

Compare Savings Account Rates and Types of All Banks

Bank Name Interest Rate
Yes Bank Savings Account Opening Online 4.00% – 5.50%
DBS Bank Savings Account Opening Online 3.00% – 4.00%
SBI Savings Account Opening Online 2.70% – 2.70%
HDFC Bank Savings Account Opening Online 3.00% – 3.50%

What is the easiest bank account to open online?

1. Choose a Bank or Credit Union with $0 Deposit Req’s

  • Barclays Online Savings.
  • Chime.
  • Discover Online Banking Cashback Debit.
  • Credit Unions.
  • Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking®
  • BBVA Compass Easy Checking.
  • Radius Bank Essential Checking.
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