Frequent question: Do people eat rats in the Philippines?

We’re talking about farm rats, rats that live in the wild. These are clean by nature and are viands choices in provincial locations. Surprisingly, they also taste like chicken.

What animals do they eat in Philippines?


Filipinos eat dog, frogs, civet cats, monitor lizards, snakes, fruit bats, locusts, ant eggs and mole crickets. Many Filipino men drink gin and beer accompanied by balut, a duck egg with an embryo inside.

Is it safe to eat rat meat?

But if you had to, can you eat rats? People do eat rats around the world, but there are health risks associated with doing so. Generally, at least in the US, rats are considered unsafe to eat because they commonly carry disease. Some rats can be considered safe to eat when properly handled, prepared, and fully cooked.

What country eats rats as a delicacy?

In the Mishmi culture of India, rats are essential to the traditional diet, as Mishmi women may eat no meat except fish, pork, wild birds and rats. Conversely, the Musahar community in north India has commercialised rat farming as an exotic delicacy.

Can you eat a rat raw?

If it’s a healthy domestic rat that doesn’t carry any diseases or have any parasites, it should be fine to eat it raw. Just be careful during butchering, as with any animal, so you don’t contaminate the meat with bacteria from the intestines, etc.

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Do the Philippines eat bats?

Bats are eaten by people in parts of some Asian, African, Pacific Rim countries and cultures, including Vietnam, Seychelles, the Philippines, Indonesia, Palau, Thailand, China, and Guam. Half the megabat (fruit bat) species are hunted for food but only eight percent of the insectivorous bat species.

Does China eat cockroach?

In some parts of China, the bugs are also eaten although it is very rare, and Mr Li tells me he personally does not cook them up, despite their nutrition. That comes as a relief as he offers us lunch at the Zhangqiubei farm: pork, chicken and fish all raised on nutrient-rich cockroach feed.

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