Frequent question: Can foreigners own restaurants in Vietnam?

Foreigners may own businesses in Vietnam. Some industries such as tourism, advertising, and entertainment require a local partner.

Can I open a restaurant in Vietnam?

To open a new restaurant, you’ll need to obtain several local permits and licenses. The most important are certificate of free sale and the Foods safety license. You have a few days to join the class and pass the exam to get the license.

Can a foreigner own a bar in Vietnam?

Opening a restaurant or a bar in a guesthouse, hostel, or a hotel in Vietnam. Food and beverage businesses are open to foreign ownership. You can set up a bar, cafe, or restaurant in your hotel without partnering up with a local company. Note that such businesses require sublicenses.

Can a foreigner own a hotel in Vietnam?

Foreign investors starting a business in Vietnam need to choose the legal entity suitable for their hotel business. In accordance with Vietnam Law, foreigners can set up a hotel with 100% of foreign ownership or a joint-venture company with a local partner in Vietnam.

How can a foreigner start a business in Vietnam?

Foreigners are allowed to start a business in Vietnam, regardless of indirect or direct investments. The first option is to choose a direct investment. Direct foreign investment indicates a 100% foreign-owned company or a joint venture company in which the foreign investor and a Vietnamese partner work together.

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Which business is good in Vietnam?

Textile and Garment

Garment and textile items production is one of the most lucrative businesses in Vietnam. Foreigners or investors are likely to make a profitable gain out of this sector because it is considered one of the active sector in its exported items.

How do I open a bar in Vietnam?

In order to open a bar in Vietnam, it is required that you obtain, among other things, a fire safety certificate, a food safety license (if you plan to serve food or snacks to your customers) and a liquor trading license. Alcohol is a very sensitive issue in Vietnam and this might be the toughest part of the process.

How much does it cost to build a hotel in Vietnam?

The five-star luxury hotel in Vietnam’s capital — which calls itself the world’s first fully gold-plated hotel — opened its golden gates to visitors this week, after 11 years of construction that cost around $200 million.

Does Vietnam allow 100% foreign ownership?

Vietnam allows 100% foreign ownership of a business in most industries. These include trading, IT, manufacturing, and education. … World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements regulate foreign ownership for most business lines. However, there are some business lines not regulated by WTO agreements nor local laws.

Is it easy to open a business in Vietnam?

The process of starting a business in Vietnam is simple and relatively easy. This makes the country a good place to open a small business like a restaurant or consulting firm.

Is Vietnam a good place to start a business?

Being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, Vietnam becomes a strategic place for many foreign entrepreneurs to invest. Its relatively cheap but highly qualified population is not the only reason attracting businessmen from all over the world for starting a business in Vietnam.

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