Does Lisa look Thai?

Lisa is from Thailand, therefore she does have the natural and tanned Asian skin. Sadly, in Korea white and pale skin is idolized, so many celebrities get procedures to their skin to make it whiter.

What race is Lisa from Blackpink?

Lisa is the only non-Korean member of Blackpink

Jennie, though Korean-born, was raised in New Zealand, and Rosé, who is also Korean, was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. However, Lisa, who is Thai by ethnicity, was also raised in Thailand—making her the only non-Korean member of Blackpink.

Is Lisa ethnically Chinese?

She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and her mother is a Thai woman.

Is Lisa’s family rich?

Her family is hugely wealthy, too, with Seoulz noting Lisa’s father is a famous chef back in Thailand, where she’s from. She’s a star there, too, frequently featuring in commercials. Lisa’s even got her own video game and YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, with millions of subscribers.

Are Jennie and Lisa married?

Chahee ShitPosting – Jennie and Lisa are officially married!

Who is the richest in Blackpink?

Lisa Is The Richest Member Of Blackpink.

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