Best answer: Why do you like to go in Thailand?

Thailand has the best beaches in the world. The beaches have warm, clear water, and stunning vistas. … There are many different types of beaches in Thai; from quite, to laid back, to party all night. With over 1,500 miles coastline to choose from, you have no excuse not to enjoy the sunny beaches that Thailand offers.

What do you like about Thailand?

Thailand is an exotic country. There is so much to appreciate and savour here that is unique and different. I love their cultural celebrations, their religious ceremonies, their strange food, beautiful beaches and charming people.

What is so great about Thailand?

Thailand is not just famous for its tropical beaches. The country is also famed for its amazing rural locations that cater extremely well for tourists despite seemingly being in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are looking for somewhere quiet to stay or a rural adventure, you can easily find accommodation and tours.

Moreover, the Korean entertainment industry doesn’t support LGBTQ+ as well as in China (but there is one drama that is really famous in Thailand right now, it’s called The Untamed). So this gave the Thai media the opportunity to fill in the demand of the viewers.

The Most Popular Thai BL Series of all time

  • Sotus: The Series. Sotus is the most popular series because of its story and convincing acting of the main leads. …
  • Sotus S. …
  • 2Moons The Series. …
  • Dark Blue Kiss. …
  • Water Boyy. …
  • Love By Chance. …
  • Why R U? …
  • Until we Meet Again.
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Are there any BL Kdramas?

Hi, here’s the list of BL (Boys’ Love) dramas and movies. Unfortunately, there are not many BL Korean dramas (almost none), but feel free to mention any BL dramas or films you can think of so I can add them to the list!


2016 2015 2013
Life is Beautiful *side story Three Friends *side story Reply 1997 *side story

Who is the highest paid Thai BL actor?

Highest paid Thai BL series couples in the Thai entertainment…

  1. Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin (2Gether The Series)
  2. Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut (TharnType The Series)
  3. Yin Anan and Wanarat Ratsameerat (En of Love: Love Mechanics)
  4. Billkin Puttipong and PP Krit (I Told Sunset About You)
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