Best answer: Is Thai rice GMO?

Thailand’s 2007-2011 strategic rice plan stipulates clearly that Thai rice is free of GMOs. The standard test and certification of the GMO-free rice are set in the plan. In addition, Thailand and Vietnam, as major rice exporters, reached agreement that they would neither grow nor try growing GMO rice.

Does Thailand use GMOs?

While restrictions on production and imports of GM crops continue, Thailand does allow importation of GM soybeans, GM maize, GM cotton lints, and GM processed food. At the same time, Vietnam and Myanmar have approved GM crop cultivation.

Is Thai Hom Mali rice Non-GMO?

She said WTO does not require member countries to make counter tests on the origin of products, including Thai jasmine rice. Mrs. … Thailand’s 2007-2011 strategic rice plan stipulates clearly that Thai rice is free of GMOs.

What crops or organisms are most commonly GMO in Thailand?

GMO and Thai Government

These include corn, soy, cotton, and papaya. The reason for this persisting interest despite pressure from local farmers, scientists, and international civic organizations such as Greenpeace to halt GMO experiments is for the most material of them all: money.

Is rice a GMO?

In 2018, Canada and the United States approved genetically modified golden rice for cultivation, with Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration declaring it safe for consumption.

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Is rice from Thailand safe?

“Although the rice packaging shown in the video is not from Thailand, we, on behalf of the Government of Thailand, wish to assure that the rice supplied and sold in this country is absolutely safe for human consumption,” the Royal Thai Embassy said in a statement.

Where is GMO rice grown?

Bangladesh could be the first to cultivate Golden Rice, genetically altered to fight blindness. Soon. That has long been scientists’ answer when asked about the approval of Golden Rice, a genetically modified (GM) crop that could help prevent childhood blindness and deaths in the developing world.

What percentage of rice is GMO?

97.9 Percent Of All White Rice Is Genetically Modified | Science 2.0. Researchers have determined that 97.9 percent of all white rice is derived from a mutation (a deletion of DNA) in a single gene originating in the Japonica subspecies of rice.

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