Your question: Do people have pets in Thailand?

Thailand’s pet population was about 13.2 million in 2017, up from 10.7 million in 2012. Of the total, 62% were dogs and 23% were cats.

Generally, dogs and cats are the most popular pets in Thailand with the ratios of 60% and 20% respectively, and the rest is others, e.g. birds, rabbits, rodents, pet fishes, etc. (Apichartprakulp, 2019).

What is the rate of pet ownership of Thailand?

During the survey period, around 42.5 percent of pet owners across Thailand stated that they had more than one pet to keep each other company.

Leading reasons for owning more than one pet in Thailand as of August 2018.

Characteristic Share of respondents

Is dogs allowed in Thailand?

Pets can arrive in Thailand in the cabin or as checked baggage or air cargo at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. … Pet dogs and cats will not be quarantined as long as they arrive with a current import permit and all regulations to enter Thailand are met.

Are cats sacred in Thailand?

Also not true. Thai people never worshipped these cats and never dedicated temples to them. Reality? Thai Buddhism encourages kindness towards animals, and, Buddhist temples act as a kind refuge for cats that don’t have homes.

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How are dogs treated in Thailand?

The police in Sakon Nakhon Province agree that dogs are often treated cruelly. But butchers here who slaughter dogs for local consumption say the killing is as humane as possible, and no different from the way other animals are slaughtered for meat.

Which dogs are banned in Thailand?

Banned breeds in Thailand are:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Pit Bull breeds that include American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

A provision in Thai law permitted individuals to possess as many as two primates or other wild animais of the same species – « a potential pair to promote breeding » – even though their capture and sale was prohibited.

Are pit bulls allowed in Thailand?

Remarks: 1) Pets must be at least 4 months old to be able to import into Thailand. 2) Pit bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier are prohibited for importation into Thailand. 3) As long as pets don’t show any sign of illness, they would not be quarantined.

Which country has the most cat owners?

A Guide to Worldwide Pet Ownership

USA 74,059,000
China 53,100,000
Russia 17,800,000
Brazil 12,466,000

What country has the highest rate of pet ownership?

Pet ownership is highest in Latin America, with 80 percent of the online population in both Argentina and Mexico owning a pet, together with three quarters (75 percent) in Brazil. The next biggest pet countries are Russia, where just under three-quarters (73 percent) own a pet, and the U.S. at 70 percent.

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