Why do Monaco and Indonesia have the same flag?

Monaco’s flag is based on the heraldic colors in the shield of the Monegasque princely arms, and the flag of Indonesia dates back to its association with the Majapahit empire. (This is the coat of arms of Monaco, which is where the flag of Monaco is inspired from.)

Why are Chad and Romania flag the same?

Romania’s flag predates Chad’s by almost 100 years, and the two share little history. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Chad initially had a green stripe but chose to substitute it with blue because it closely resembled Mali’s flag.

Why does Monaco have a flag?

Red and white are the traditional colors of the House of Grimaldi, which established the Principality in 1339. These colors are claimed to represent positive human values, as red is believed to represent the flesh of the human body, while white represents purity in spiritual life.

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