Why did Lyndon Johnson expand the US commitment in Vietnam after he became president quizlet?

Why did Lyndon B. Johnson expand the U.S. role in Vietnam after he assumed the presidency in 1963? He feared that being perceived as soft on communism would threaten his domestic agenda.

Why did Johnson increase American involvement in Vietnam quizlet?

Why did Johnson increase U.S. troop numbers in Vietnam in 1965? Robert McNamara and Dean Rusk advised him to because they believed the defeat of communism in Vietnam would be vital to the future of America and the world.

What was the policy of increasing the US involvement in Vietnam quizlet?

Vietnamization was a policy of the Richard Nixon administration during the Vietnam War to end U.S. involvement in the war and “expand, equip, and train South Vietnam’s forces and assign to them an ever-increasing combat role, at the same time steadily reducing the number of U.S. combat troops”.

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Why was President Johnson’s speech so important quizlet?

The speech led the United States Congress to pass the Economic Opportunity Act, which established the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) to administer the local application of federal funds targeted against poverty.

Which of the following gave President Lyndon Johnson unprecedented power in the Vietnam War group of answer choices?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorized President Lyndon Johnson to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression” by the communist government of North Vietnam.

Why did Eisenhower get involved in Vietnam quizlet?

Eisenhower was warned against intervening in the Vietnam war by his chief of staff but instead sent American air force pilots to support the French during their military operations. The USA wanted to limit the influence of the Vietcong on the peasants in the south. …

What military advantages did the Americans have over the Vietcong?

What military advantages did the Vietcong have over the Americans? They had many useful advantages such as effective hit and run tactics, a better knowledge of the land and the juggle, and they had the advantage of secrecy because they cold disguise themselves as civilians and attack troops.

What were the causes and effects of America’s growing involvement in the Vietnam War?

What were the causes and effects of America’s growing involvement in the Vietnam War? As the Vietnam War escalated, America’s leaders and soldiers found themselves in a quagmire with no victory in sight. Eventually the war weakened the American economy, divided the people, and eroded the nation’s morale.

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What was the main reason for the US involvement in Vietnam quizlet?

1) The main reason for US involvement in Vietnam was to stop the spread of communism under Truman’s policy of Containment.

What did President Johnson declare war on in America?

The war on poverty is the unofficial name for legislation first introduced by United States President Lyndon B. Johnson during his State of the Union address on January 8, 1964. This legislation was proposed by Johnson in response to a national poverty rate of around nineteen percent.

What was the immigration Act of 1965 quizlet?

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act, abolished an earlier quota system based on national origin and established a new immigration policy based on reuniting immigrant families and attracting skilled labor to the United States.

What did LBJ do quizlet?

President Johnson called his version of the Democratic reform program the Great Society. In 1965, Congress passed many Great Society measures, including Medicare, civil rights legislation, and federal aid to education.

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