Who is the financial regulator in Malaysia?

Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia or BNM) is the financial supervisory authority. BNM regulates financial institutions such as banks, investment banks, and insurance companies.

Who is the regulator for financial services?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the financial services industry in the UK. Its role includes protecting consumers, keeping the industry stable, and promoting healthy competition between financial service providers.

Who regulates Malaysian banks?


  • Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 (Revised 1994) …
  • Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA) …
  • Exchange Control Act 1953. …
  • Islamic Banking Act 1983. …
  • Insurance Act 1996. …
  • Takaful Act 1984. …
  • Emergency (Essential Powers) Act, 1979. …
  • Loan (Local) Ordinance, 1959.

Who are the 4 main regulators of finance sector?

Responsibility for the regulation and supervision of the Australian financial system is vested in four separate agencies:

  • the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA);
  • the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA); and.
  • the Australian Treasury.

What will happen to a customer if he/she issued a bad Cheque?

Each time a a bad cheque is issued, it is treated as a bad cheque incident. The drawee bank will issue you a warning letter for each bad cheque incident. … The drawee bank will report your name to the Credit Bureau. The drawee bank will take the necessary steps to close your current account.

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Which type banking system is in Malaysia?

Conventional banking is the conduct of banking as per the laws and regulations that govern banking in a country. In Malaysia, conventional banking is supervised by the Central Bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia by the powers vested in it through the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009.

Who needs to register with FCA?

According to provisions made under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000, financial activities have to be regulated by the FCA. Any firm (whether a business, a not-for-profit or a sole trader) carrying out a regulated activity must be authorised or registered by us, unless they are exempt.

What is difference between FCA and PRA?

The FCA acts as watchdog for the conduct of all regulated and authorised firms and individuals (GT News, Apr 13). … The PRA has the statutory objective to “promote the safety and soundness of firms”. Its aims to avoid adverse effects on financial stability through prudential management of a firm’s business.

Are Malaysian banks safe?

Malaysian banks are pretty safe but

Whether it may be diversification for the banks you are banking with or the type of products that you choose or even your type of investments, diversification helps to protect your finances in the event of an economic downturn.

What is the act or regulation governing Islamic banks in Malaysia?

Currently all IFIs are regulated by BNM under the purview of the Islamic Banking and Takaful Division. Bank Negara Malaysia was established on 26 January 1959 under the Central Bank of Malaysia Act (CBMA 1958). The Act has been repealed by Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 (effective 25 November 2009).

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