Where can I buy a sweep ticket in Singapore?

How can I buy Singapore Sweep online?

Singapore Sweep is not available for online or phone betting. How do I place my Singapore Sweep bets? Just tell the counter staff the number of boards you want. Alternatively, you may choose to place a 4D bet along with a Singapore Sweep bet.

Has anyone won Singapore Sweep?

There is one guy who got his happy ending and his name is Karrupaiah Gobinath. Look at this handsome dude over here. Now that is the face of someone who just won the Big Sweep—S$2.3 million!

Can foreigners buy Singapore Sweep?

“Customers may be locals or foreigners. Winnings will be paid out… on the provision of the Sweep ticket,” the operator added. Payment is made to whoever presents a winning ticket within an 180-day period. The sale of Singapore Sweep tickets to those living overseas is unusual.

What is Singapore Sweep 2d delight prizes?

Firstly, new 2d Delight Prize Category where you have to match the last 2 digits to the 9 sets of 2d Delight winning numbers attracted to win $6. Secondly, new First Prize Amount where Sweep first prize sum is $2,300,000.

How much is a System 12?

Types of Singapore Pools TOTO Bet and the Cost of Each Type of Bet

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Types of Bet Cost Description
System 12 $924 TOTO ticket buyer selects 12 numbers from 1 to 49.
System Roll $44 TOTO ticket buyer only selects 5 numbers from 1 to 49. The 6th number is any of the guaranteed winning numbers.

How much is a Singapore Sweep?

Singapore Sweep Lottery

Prize Number of Winning Numbers Prize Amount
Jackpot Prizes ten 7-digit numbers $10,000 each
Lucky Prizes ten 7-digit numbers $5,000 each
Gift Prizes thirty 7-digit numbers $3,000 each
Consolation Prizes thirty 7-digit numbers $2,000 each

Can foreigners play Singapore Pools?

Can I sign up for a Singapore Pools Account? Yes, if you have a valid Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and meet all prerequisites. If you are a foreign passport holder, you will only be able to select and bet on Horse Racing.

What are the odds of winning big sweep?

Odds of Winning

Prize Category Odds of Winning for Each Ticket
First Prize 1 in 3,500,000
Second Prize 1 in 3,500,000
Third Prize 1 in 3,500,000
Jackpot Prize 1 in 350,000

How do I choose a Singapore Sweep Number?

Approach our friendly counter staff and let them know what you want.

  1. Quick Pick – for 7 random digits.
  2. First Digit – Pick your own first digit: 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  3. Last 4 Digits – Pick your own last four digits.
  4. 100 Numbers – for 100 sets of numbers in running sequence with last two digits from 00 – 99 designated by “RR”
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