What is the most densely populated area in the Philippines?

The City of Manila was the most densely populated with 71,263 persons per square kilometer in 2015, followed by the City of Mandaluyong with 41,580 persons per square kilometer and Pasay City with 29,815 persons per square kilometer.

Is Manila the most densely populated city in the world?

Manila is the world’s most densely populated city with 42,857 people per square kilometer, or 111,002 people per square mile. This is all contained within an area of 42.88 square kilometers (16.56 square miles).

Is Philippines densely populated?

By 2100, it is forecasted that the overall population in the Philippines would be approximately 146 million.

Population density of the Philippines from 2005 to 2018 (in people per square kilometer)

Characteristic Population density in people per square kilometer

What are the 5 most densely populated countries?

Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar are the five most densely populated.

Which country has the lowest density in the world?

1. Greenland. The island nation of Greenland, 80% of which is covered by a massive glacier, is the 12th largest country in the world by area, but the least densely populated.

Is Manila bigger than New York City?

Not only is the city the densest in the world — at 46,000 people per square mile, twice the density of New York City — but it’s located on the Ring of Fire, a series of volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean that inundates Manila with earthquakes and typhoons.

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