What is the cause of Philippine crocodile?

Experts working with the environment ministry say there are less than 100 of them left in the wild. The ministry says the Philippine crocodile and the saltwater crocodile are “critically endangered” mainly due to loss of habitat as a result of human population growth and expansion.

How do Philippine crocodiles reproduce?

During reproduction, the Philippine crocodile builds nest mound of vegetation and the parents take care of their young. Five weeks after the mating season, the female crocodile lays eggs on her nest. Female Philippine crocodile lays 30 to 40 eggs. … Captive-bred crocodiles are fed with meat and fish twice a week.

Why is the Philippine crocodile important?

The Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines (1997: 81) argued that “crocodiles are important to aquatic ecosystems, not only in keeping the balance by controlling population growth of prey species, but also valuable in the maintenance of residual waterholes during dry periods and inhibition of encroachment of …

Is there crocodiles in the Philippines?

There are two crocodile species in the Philippines: the endemic Philippine crocodile and the bigger and more aggressive saltwater crocodile, found throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Are there saltwater crocodiles in the Philippines?

The Philippines is home to two species of crocodiles: the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), which can grow up to 6 meters (20 feet) long and is common across much of Southeast Asia and Australia; and the freshwater Philippine crocodile, about half the size and significantly rarer.

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What are the benefits of eating crocodile meat?

Function : Crocodile meat is a low-fat, low cholesterol and high protein meat. Crocodile meat is not only delicious, it is good for your heart, lungs, blood circulation and it is known to cure asthma and coughing problems. Crocodile meat is best to eat with the skin.

Do we need crocodiles?

Crocodile’s As Apex Predators

They deter fish and marine animals from overcrowding and degrading the ecosystem. During the dry season, crocodiles guard critical water points against terrestrial animals and help preserve marine life for future regeneration.

Which crocodile is endangered?

What is the kingdom of Philippine crocodile?

What is the family of Philippine crocodile?

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