What is AH2 Malaysia?

Asian Highway 2 (AH2) is a road in the Asian Highway Network running 13,107 kilometres (8,144 mi) from Denpasar, Indonesia to Merak and Singapore to Khosravi, Iran.

How many tolls are there in Malaysia?

How many toll plazas are there on the PLUS highways?

Highway Toll Plazas
Malaysia Singapore Second Crossing (Linkedua) 3
Butterworth Kulim Expressway (BKE) 2
Penang Bridge (PB) 1
Total number of toll plazas 94

What is the difference between highway and expressway?

A highway is a generic term given to roadways that are used to connect important cities, and usually have 4 lanes to provide for high speed traffic. An expressway is a highway with partial access and extra facilities like access ramps and lane dividers.

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