What does Famas stand for in Philippines?

The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (also known as the FAMAS Awards) are the annual honors given by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS), an organization composed of prize-winning writers and movie columnists, for achievements in Philippine cinema for a calendar year.

What award giving bodies exist in the Philippines?


  • FAMAS Awards (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences)
  • Gawad Urian (Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino or Filipino Film Critics)
  • Luna Awards (Film Academy of the Philippines)
  • Star Award for Movies (Philippine Movie Press Club)

Who won the Best Director distinction?

The Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture have been very closely linked throughout their history. Of the 93 films that have been awarded Best Picture, 67 have also been awarded Best Director.

Academy Award for Best Director
Most recent winner Chloé Zhao Nomadland (2020)
Website oscars.org

Who is the best actor in the world?

Top Ten Greatest Actors

  • Tom Hanks Thomas Jeffrey “Tom” Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor and filmmaker. …
  • Jack Nicholson John Joseph Nicholson (born April 22, 1937) is an American actor and filmmaker, who has performed for over 60 years. …
  • Robert DeNiro Robert Anthony De Niro Jr.

What is the most prestigious award in Philippines?

5 Most Prestigious Awards in the Philippines

  • #1 Ramon Magsaysay Award. …
  • #2 National Artist of the Philippines. …
  • #3 National Scientist of the Philippines. …
  • #4 Palanca Awards. …
  • #5 Gawad Urian Awards.
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