What are the influences of Western classical plays to Filipino performances?

How does Western classical play influence to Philippine theater?

Answer: The development of western classical plays/operas are specifically promoted and appreciated. When western reached our shores,that used theatres and dramas such as zarzuelas as a pedagogical tool to influence our tribes.

What are the prominent features of Western classical plays?

They consisted of three main elements: the orchestra, the skene, and the audience. Orchestra: A large circular or rectangular area at the center part of theatre, where the play, dance, religious rites, and acting took place. Theatron- viewing place on the slope of a hill • Skene – backstage • Parodoi- side entrance.

What is the importance of Philippines theater?

The Phillipine theater is important and plays an important role on promoting Filipino culture and heritage. It showcases the beauty and talent filipinos have. Furthermore it seeks to entertain people and as well as imparts knowledge through telling a story in a creative way.

What are the characteristics of Western theater?

they use bright costumes with symbolic colors and masks. It is at the crossroads of the sacred and the profane, orality and the written word, of inner roots and external adjuncts. Simultaneous staging was a distinctive characteristic of medieval theatre.

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What is a classical play?

Classical Theater: A type of theater which relies upon imagination (and therefore limited props) to convey the setting and atmosphere of the play. … Classical theater usually contains lofty, grand prose or free verse dialogue.

What are the elements and principles of arts shown in Western classical plays?

There are seven elements in art. They are color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. The ten common principles of art are balance, emphasis, harmony, movement, pattern, proportion, repetition, rhythm, unity, and variety.

What are the main acting styles in Western culture?

The development of Western theatre lies between these two extremes and polarizes into its two primary types of experience—tragedy and comedy.

What is the most common plot structure in western Theatre?

The episodic play structure is the most common in Western theatre. Tragedy, comedy, and a lesser known form called the pastoral play became the chief fare of the Greek stage.

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