Quick Answer: What is the new money in the Philippines?

The New Generation Currency (NGC) Banknote Series now in circulation was first issued in December 2010. The BSP launched in 2020 enhanced Philippine banknotes that are more responsive to the needs of the elderly and the visually impaired, and feature the latest anti-counterfeiting technology.

Is there a new 500 peso bill?

New Generation series (2010–present)

In 2017, an updated version of the New Generation series 500 piso banknote was issued with changes in the font size of the year of issue and the italicization of the scientific name on the reverse side. In 2020, an “enhanced” version of the 500 peso banknote was released.

Can I still exchange old Philippine Money 2020?

<es, the public can exchange/surrender their old banknote series for the new banknote series at face value in any authorized agent bank even if they are not depositors of the said bank.

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