Quick Answer: What is the biggest TV channel in Thailand?

Channel 7HD, owned by Bangkok Broadcasting and Television (BBTV), is consistently Thailand’s number one channel. In December 2018, 7HD was the most popular channel in Thailand with a rating of 1.876.

How many TV channels are there in Thailand?

There are 6 channels; three of them are government public-owned by MCOT the 2 television channels terrestrial free-to-air Modernine TV and Channel 3; Channel 5 and BBTV Channel 7 are owned by Royal Thai Army; NBT and Thai PBS are fully government-owned.

Thai people love drama and variety shows, so the famous TV shows for Thai people often fall into these categories. There are many channels that are famous among Thai people, including Thai TV 3, Thai TV 5, Thai TV 7, Thai TV 8, Workpoint channel, Channel One, and Channel GMM 25.

Is there English TV in Thailand?

Cable and Satellite Channels

Other independent companies operate cable TV channels in Thailand – a number of them broadcast in English. English-language news, interviews, travel articles and local arts and culture. Available by cable or on channel 78 on True Visions.

How much is cable TV in Thailand?

The main cable and satellite provider in Thailand is Truevisions. They offer different packages with the premium package offered at 2,600 baht a month which offers 2 HD providers and the full package including movie and sports channels and many other UK and US channels like BBC, CNN, HBO, National Geographic and Fox.

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How can I watch English TV in Thailand?

To watch British TV in Thailand you’ll need to sign-up for a service called a VPN.

Steps to view British TV in Thailand

  1. Visit the VPN provider ExpressVPN and sign-up.
  2. Download the correct app or software for your device.
  3. Select their United Kingdom location.
  4. Press Connect.

How can I watch Thai TV shows?

ExpressVPN: Our first choice for watching Thai TV.

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Below, we’ve listed a few of the most popular Thai TV channels you can watch online:

  1. Channel 7.
  2. MCOT.
  3. One 31.
  4. ThaiRath TV.
  5. Channel 3.
  6. ThaiPBS.

How do you say series in Thai?

“series” in Thai

  1. อันดับ
  2. ซีรี่ส์
  3. ด้วงกล้วย

Does Netflix have Thai?

Yes, we really said Thai. Did you know that the Thai section on Netflix is actually teeming with amazing documentaries, romance movies, comedies and horror shows that often go unwatched?

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