Quick Answer: What airlines fly to Cambodia from Singapore?

Singapore Airlines offers non-stop daily flights from Amsterdam to Singapore. From Singapore, together with regional wing SilkAir, we operate to flights to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Combine your visit to Cambodia with a stay in Singapore with our Singapore Stopover Holiday program.

Can you fly from Cambodia to Singapore?

The best way to get from Cambodia to Singapore is to fly which takes 3h 5m and costs $110 – $390. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $80 – $95 and takes 43h 47m.

Does Qatar Airways fly to Cambodia?

Qatar Airways operates direct flights to Cambodia.

Does Cambodia allow tourists?

Cambodia is open for all international travellers, however, it’s expensive and complicated to travel there. Since 30th March 2020, all eVisas and visas on arrival were suspended. Visitors must arrange a visa in advance, have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of departure and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

How long is the flight from Cambodia to Singapore?

Flight time from Phnom Penh to Singapore is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Can I go to Cambodia without a visa?

A passport and visa are required. Tourists and business travelers may purchase a Cambodian visa valid for one month at the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and borders. Both require a passport valid for at least six (6) months from the expiry date, 01 recent passport-sized photo.

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What airlines are flying out of Phnom Penh?

From Phnom Penh to Bangkok there are 4 airlines that have direct services, which are Bangkok Airways, JC International Airlines, Thai Airways (Star Alliance) and Thai Smile.

Is Cambodia rich or poor?

Cambodia is currently one of the poorest countries in the world. Its per-capita income is only US$260. However, if adjusted for purchasing power parity (which takes into account the low prices for goods in Cambodia), its per-capita income jumps rather dramatically to US$1300.

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