Question: What are the eight regions of Vietnam?

The country is divided into eight regions: Northwest, Northeast, Red River Delta, North Central Coast, South Central Coast, Central Highlands, Southeast, and Mekong River Delta.

What is the largest region in Vietnam?

The South — Southern Vietnam, called Nam Bo, is home to Vietnam’s largest city, bustling Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. Vietnam’s largest cosmopolitan area is like a region unto itself, with a population of more than eight million spreading out over a wide area of urban and suburban sprawl.

What are the three main regions of Vietnam?

To do that, we’d like to break down the 3 regions that make up the country – the North, Central, and South – and offer you the top attractions and cities to visit on your trip to Vietnam.

What religion is in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s major religions are Buddhism and Catholicism, although the largest percentage of the population follows Vietnamese folk traditions or identifies as non-religious.

Does Vietnam have two capitals?

Vietnam’s former capital has not one, but two names: Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon. Officially, the southern metropolis’s name is Ho Chi Minh City, and has been for many years, but there are still a number of locals and visitors alike that call it Saigon.

What is the capital of Vietnam?

What region is France part of?

France, officially French Republic, French France or République Française, country of northwestern Europe.

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