Question: Is Dutch kickboxing better than Muay Thai?

The slight difference being that Dutch Kickboxing allows punches like the superman punch, for example. So fighters have a little more variety to their punching. Dutch Kickboxers focus a lot on their boxing skills compared to their Muay Thai counterparts.

Which is better Dutch kickboxing or Muay Thai?

The emphasis in Dutch style is on heavy hands based on Western boxing to set up heavy low kicks and knees. Muay Thai is more traditional in the use of all eight limbs with a much heavier emphasis on the clinching aspect which allows for the execution of dumps, sweeps, knees and elbows.

Is Dutch kickboxing good for self defense?

Is Dutch kickboxing good for self defense? Dutch Kickboxing is a stand-up striking style (stand-up striking in general is better in a street fight than grappling style) that puts pressure on heavy leg kicks, aggressive boxing and knee strikes so it is very good for the street.

Is Muay Thai more dangerous than kickboxing?

While in kickboxing, the very close relative of Muay Thai, concussions are as high as 19%! While injuries like bad cuts, broken bones are obviously not good and we would hope to avoid them as much as possible. The most dangerous aspect of combat sports is damage to the brain, or CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

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Are elbows allowed in Dutch kickboxing?

Fighting StyleThe difference in stance is key. Thai Boxers are known for their excellent use of eight limbs – elbows, hands, knees, and shins. … Elbows are pretty much not used in Dutch Kickboxing, possibly due to the extreme damage they may cause in competitive events.

One of the reasons being that the two gyms came from rival neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Kickboxing in the Netherlands turned out to be a hit. Dutch kickboxers began to fight internationally and over the years developed their own style known as “Dutch Style Kickboxing”.

What is the most lethal combat sport?

Commonly referred to as the “Gentleman’s Fight Sport,” boxing is statistically one of the most dangerous combat sports on Earth.

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