Question: Does Indonesia allow ractopamine?

Ractopamine has been approved for use as a veterinary drug in swine in 21 countries (e.g., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, and the USA).

Is ractopamine banned in Indonesia?

In addition to the U.S., regulators in 25 other countries have approved the use of ractopamine including Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea and other countries throughout the world except Europe.

What countries banned ractopamine?

While some countries have banned ractopamine, many other countries including developed ones such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Canada have adopted similar limits for ractopamine as Singapore.

Is ractopamine used in the Philippines?

Ractopamine has been evaluated and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been approved for use in 26 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and South Korea.

Does Brazil pork contain ractopamine?

Consequently, meat producers and consumers are increasingly paying attention as to whether their products contain this illegal animal feed additive. In Brazil, the use of ractopamine is prohibited in cattle. It can be used in pork, unless it is destined for countries like Russia, which have banned this additive.

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Does all US pork have ractopamine?

In order to maintain access to international markets that ban even trace amounts of ractopamine in pork, several US packers have recently decided to process only pigs that are free of ractopamine. … These tissues are not typically eaten by US consumers; some, however, are consumed in other countries, including China.

What’s wrong with ractopamine?

Ractopamine is associated with major health problems in food-producing animals, such as “downer” syndrome and severe cardiovascular stress, and has also been linked to heart problems and even poisoning in humans.

Does Canada allow ractopamine in pork?

Ractopamine, which is designed to improve an animal’s energy uptake from feed, is approved in Canada, but is banned in target markets such as China and the European Union. The Canadian pork sector has voluntarily moved away from the additive in order to access those markets, enforcing that move under the CRFPCP.

Why is ractopamine banned in China?

The Chinese mainland has banned the entry of meat products from the island of Taiwan to prevent the spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza and consumption of meat with ractopamine, said the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday.

Is ractopamine a steroid?

The active ingredient is ractopamine hydrochloride, a synthetic, racemic biogenic amine, and a Beta-adrenoceptor agonists (β-agonists or beta-agonists). β-agonists are anabolic compounds that promote fat loss and muscle gain. It is not an antibiotic, hormone, or steroid.

Is ractopamine ban in Singapore?

SFA has decided to adopt the maximum amount of ractopamine allowed in meat and other organs set by the CAC as the regulatory standard, after evaluating Singapore’s consumption of meat and organs against the acceptable daily intake of ractopamine established by JECFA.

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