How popular is English in Malaysia?

English is reasonably widely spoken in Malaysia, with around 50-60 percent of the population having some level of English skills. You will find English very commonly spoken in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities, and less spoken in rural areas and along the east island of the country.

How widely spoken is English in Malaysia?

According to official statistics, barely 50 percent of Malaysians are literate in English, while up to 90 percent can speak, read and write Malay which is widely used in Southeast Asia.

Is Malaysia good at English?

Some Malaysian are able to speak English fluently. As a former British colony, Malaysia received a good education system using the English medium. Neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia did not.

Languages In Malaysia

  • Malay: National Language of Malaysia. The most commonly spoken language in the country is Malay. …
  • English – Most Commonly Spoken Language in Malaysia. After Malaysia, English is the second most widely used languages in Malaysia. …
  • Chinese. Credits: Unsplash. …
  • Tamil. …
  • Indigenous Languages in Malaysia.

Can you get by with English in Malaysia?

Yes, Malaysians do speak English, so don’t be shy to go ahead and speak as you normally would and they will reply to you in Malaysian English. Of course, there will be some differences in the usage of words, perhaps phonetics and a little Malaysian flare will be added in.

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Is pork available in Malaysia?

Malaysian Malays, who form about half of Malaysia’s population, are Muslim and therefore do not consume pork since Islam forbids it. … In Malaysia, the term “mutton” refers to goat meat; lamb, or the meat of a young sheep, is always imported from countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Is Malaysia a majority English speaking country?

The following is a list of English-speaking population by country, including information on both native speakers and second-language speakers.


Country Malaysia
Total English speakers % 62.57
As first language No. 380,000
% 1.4
As an additional language No. 15,200,000

Is Han Jisung Malaysia?

– He was born in Incheon, South Korea. – He used to live and study in Malaysia. – He has an older brother. – According to the members his nickname is Squirrel.

Why is English used in Malaysia?

Malaysians have been influenced, especially during the British colonisation period, to use English in their daily transactions. … Owing to its place of importance in the new knowledge economy, English, as a second language, continues to be a compulsory subject taught at all levels in every Malaysian school.

Is English taught in Malaysia?

The language background of Malaysians is very much tied up with the historical and education background of the country. English language continues to be taught as a compulsory language in schools despite the evolution of the Malaysian education system.

Is Malay easy to learn?

Learning to speak Malay (or Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia) is way too easy. … Surely learning a language must require years and years of practice and in-depth study of grammar and syntax, but learning Malay is exceptionally easy since you are exposed to it every day with other 230 million speakers in the region.

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