How much waste does Singapore export?

According to latest United Nations trade data, Singapore in 2016 exported almost 42,000 tonnes of plastic waste to China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

How much waste does Singapore produce?

About 5.88 million tonnes of solid waste was generated last year, 19 per cent less than the 7.23 million tonnes generated the year before, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a media release on Friday (Apr 23). Of this, 3.04 million tonnes of waste was recycled.

Is Singapore a zero waste country?

Singapore has designated 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste. We are working towards becoming a zero waste nation by reducing our consumption of materials, and reusing and recycling them to give them a second lease of life. In Singapore, waste disposed has increased seven-fold over the past 40 years.

Where does Singapore waste go?

Landfills & Incinerators – How Our Waste Is Disposed Of

While recycling is the best option to deal with the waste we generate, around 41% will have to be disposed of and in Singapore that is through our waste-to-energy incineration plants as well as the Semakau Landfill.

How much plastic waste is in Singapore?

Plastic pollution is at crisis levels

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans every year – that’s a truck load of plastic a minute! In Singapore, about 900 million kg of plastic waste is discarded every year. Just 4% of this is recycled.

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Is food waste a problem in Singapore?

Singapore, along with many cities in Asia, is losing all kinds of food. In 2019, Singapore generated 744,000 tonnes of food waste, while more than half of global food wastage happens in Asia. Most of this happens before consumers buy their food, so all those resources used in food production are wasted too.

Why is there so much food waste in Singapore?

Food waste is created in Singapore every single day from our food cycle – production, distribution, retail to consumption, and the wastage is unfortunately due to several reasons, such as food spoilage due to improper storage or handling, edible food thrown away because it does not look nice or has ‘expired’, food …

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