How much is the fine for not wearing a helmet in Philippines?

– (a) Any person caught not wearing the standard protective motorcycle helmet in violation of this Act shall be punished with a fine of One thousand five hundred pesos (Php1,500.00) for the first offense; Three thousand pesos (Php3,000.00) for the second offense; Five thousand pesos (Php5,000.00) for the third offense; …

What is Republic No 10054?

Republic Act No. 10054, also known as the “Motorcycle Helmet Act”. An act mandating all motorcycle drivers to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets while driving is now in full effect nationwide.

What are the consequences of not wearing a helmet?

Motorcycle riders who do not wear a helmet run a much higher risk of sustaining any of these head and traumatic brain injuries, or a combination of them. Helmets create an additional layer for the head and thus protect the wearer from some of the more severe forms of traumatic brain injury.

Is ICC sticker required for helmet?

Based on the latest list, DTI noted 53 helmet brands that have passed the minimum safety and quality requirements stipulated in the Motorcycle Helmet Act. … Those with the proper full-face helmet have until December 31 to secure an ICC or PS sticker from the DTI.

What is Republic Act 10055?

Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 (Republic No. 10055). An Act Providing the Framework and Support System for the Ownership, Management, Use, and Commercialization of Intellectual Property Generated from Research and Development funded by Government and for other purposes.

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What is Republic 11229?

What is RA 11229 or “The Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act” by the way? It is the law that mandates the use of age-appropriate and quality child restraint system (CRS) in motor vehicles and prohibits children below 12 years old to sit beside the driver when the vehicle is moving.

What is the Republic Act 9211?

Republic Act No. 9211, also known as the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, is an omnibus law regulating smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and sales restrictions, among other requirements.

How many people die a year from not wearing helmets?

There were 10 times as many unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities in states without universal helmet laws (1,777 unhelmeted fatalities) as in states with universal helmet laws (170 unhelmeted fatalities) in 2017.

Is it safe to cycle without a helmet?

As with clothing, wearing a helmet can have the same effect on the rider – the cyclist feels more protected, and safer, and is therefore likely to take more and greater risks in traffic than if they were more exposed to danger. ‘Risk compensation’ is a very real problem.

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